Próxima expo colectiva en la que participo ·WSW· en el VIENA Kunsthalle (Austria) ·WUK· durante el Vienna Art Week, comisariada por Bernhard Rappold.

06.11. - 20.12.2014

Éva Bodnár, Nuria Fuster, Ha Za Vu Zu, Nicolas Jasmin, Santiago Morilla, O, Bernhard Rappold, Franz Schubert, Felipe Talo, Carlos Vasconcelos, Brent Wadden, Felix Leon Westner, Das Wiener Jazzpanoptikum.

Bernhard Rappold: Lapsteel, Guitar & Fabrics, Tempera, 2014 

MIA&Fair Singapur

MIA&D ART FAIR SINGAPORE, International Photography and Design FAIR

>> 23th - 26th October 2014 | Marina Bay Sands, Singapour

MIA&D Photography and Design Fair inaugurates its opening to the Eastern market with its first edition in Singapore, to which DATABASE will participate in partnership with Carrara’s Duomo Gallery

The booth will display a curatorial project by Federica Forti, conceived as the presentation of the city of Carrara through a series of photographs by selected artists.

With Silvio Santini, Santiago Morilla, Robert Pettena, Stefano Canto and Nadja Frank.

INDEX FALLS project: The photographs of Santiago Morilla were produced during a 2013 performance designed by the artist within the setting of the marble quarries of Colonnata: silhouettes of free-falling bodies projected against the white backdrop of the quarries, and part of the larger project Index Falls, devoted to the iconography of contemporary symbols of power in relation to financial oligarchy. The exhibition features two photographs and a video.

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