Mural Artwork

c/ Doctor Fourquet 20
28012 Madrid


Cádiz / July 23rd to August 7th, 2011.


Practical workshop in which a previously sketched and designed mural painting will be transferred into a specific part of the urban environment of the city of Cadiz.

The purpose of the workshop will be to approach the current mural design techniques of large-format urban to anyone interested, with or without previous creative experience in this field.

After receiving theoretical notions about what this art involves conceptual and plastically, the group will work on a sketch of the artist for a location already agreed. From this design, we will analyze the production and select the best mode.

As an essential support for the ultimate realization of the work, a visual record of both creative process of production and full project implementation will be conducted.

As additional support for urban contextualization of the work, an aerial view of the work by helicopter or light aircraft flying over the site will be done, thus finishing the process of understanding the urban impact and critical work.

Ultimately, the final goal of the workshop is to create a connection, dialogue and / or discussion with public assistance and the environment surrounding us from the standpoint of active artistic experience. A canalisation of the conversation between the great artistic classic murals and the contemporary surroundings (urban or rural).

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