Exposición colectiva "Spazi Aperti" en la Academia de Rumanía, Roma
Del 10-24 junio 2010


"Spazi Aperti is the annual contemporary art exhibition at the Romanian Academy in Rome, bringing together artists from all the foreign academies and institutes in the city. Mirela Pribac, the curator of this year’s edition, has proposed a theme: re:making worlds / ri:fare mondi.
With this theme artists are invited to create and exhibit work exploring the juxtaposition of fantasy and reality, bridging between past and present, navigating among personal memories and memory in a larger, historical sense.
The works will engage in a discourse on how memory can be preserved and re:delivered, as filtered through the fantastic net of imagination. Fantasy becomes the mediator between past and present and will determine the way memories are recycled. In a year marking the passage of 20 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall and the decline of totalitarian regimes in Eastern Europe, artists will explore how fantasy worlds emerge from sublimated historical trauma


Img: "Headquarter" symbol

Img 01 & 02: "Headquarter"
Img 03 & 04: "Porchetta Tedesca" en colaboración con María Vallína

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